Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Amarillo Texas Weather

While I was driving to work yesterday morning we had beautiful sunshine. By 9:00am we had cloudy skies with blowing snow. We closed our office early yesterday and this morning I woke up 7 inches of snow. All the schools in Amarillo are closed and on top of that I can't leave my house. We are snowed in badly.
We never know what to expect in Amarillo with our weather but this time the "Weather Men" spotted this storm quickly and "They were right"!!!
                                                                        Backyard Snow
                                                                       Front Door
                                                                         Front Door
                                                      Snow piled up against the garage door
 Ice Digging
 Dax coming in because he is freezing
 Ice didn't know what to think
Ice coming in because she is cold

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